1.2-15 series of ordinary diesel generating sets have been provided with high quality water-cooled(condensor) diesel engine. those engine can work well in every kinds conditions.
2. The structure of generating sets the engine has been coupled with alternator though v-belt or coupled directly with alternator. both of them have been installed on the basis of anti-shock pad, the gen-sets has been fixed on the frame of steel pipes which has for wheels.
3.Other features: it's easy to operate and maintain control panel capacitor type voltage regulator no-fuse circuit breaker over-current protection wheels type design double-shaft balance design electric starting.

1.Diesel generating sets
all diesel generating sets include diesel engine, alternator and control box.
2. Stating method of gen-sets.
a).manual switcher
b).automatic starting wholly: when electric supply has been stopped, the gen-sets can start three times automatically in 3-28 seconds (time can be adjustable) between electric supply and gen-sets need 6-8 seconds. it will spend 12 seconds to accept load when electric supply resumed, gen-set will maintain 23-230 seconds, then closes down automatically.
3.Control system
apparatus: voltmeter, frequency meter, amperage meter, voltmeter of battery, meter of water temp., oil meter. control section: starting handler, key type switch, inductive type self-protection switch, and indicator.

With a compact structure of small size and little weight a soundproof shield which has an elegant appearance is easy to be assembled or disassembled and reduces noise level effectively. the sets are operated conveniently.
It use famous brand engine, advanced generator made designs of one's own and completely sealed automatic voltage regulator(AVR). the performances in which is excellent. the running is reliable. Technical parameter of low noise diesel generating sets rated voltage 400V. rated speed 1500r/min.rated frequency 50Hz. rated power factor 0.8(lagging).